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2020 Welcome letter
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2020 Policies relating to Covid-19

General Club Policies 2020

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Tennis Policies 2020

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May 20, 2020 Update: Unfortunately, we are not allowing guests at BTC for the time being. We hope this will change at some point this summer.

As a service to our members, you are allowed to bring three guests per season at no charge. Otherwise, we ask your guests to pay a guest fee which is minimal compared to what members pay to keep our facilities operating. It is our goal to extend a welcome to everyone and for all to feel that contributions are fair. Guests from Chittenden County are limited to three visits per season. This applies whether they are guests of different members or have paid a guest fee. After 3 visits, a guest is required to join!

If you're bringing a guest with you please have a front desk staff member check your name off on our Primary Member list. If no staff are available at the time, please e-mail membership to let us know.

Please speak to a board member regarding out of town family visitors.

Family – $40 
Adult – $18
Child -$12

Guest fees and passes are only required for non-members who actually use the facilities. Friends, grandparents, and extended family are always welcome to watch swim practices and tennis lessons, or cheer at meets and matches at no charge.

Private Sitters/Nannies/Au-pairs and BTC Children

May 20, 2020 Update: Unfortunately, we are not allowing non-members at BTC for the time being. We hope this will change at some point this summer.

Many families today consist of a single parent or two working parents. To enable these families to enjoy the club experience, BTC welcomes nannies, sitters, and au-pairs of member families at no extra charge as long as they are accompanied by a family member. Nannies, sitters, and au-pairs who wish to use the club on their own must pay the regular guest fee. Note – only family memberships qualify for nanny privileges.
Please be aware that kids under the age of 14 must be supervised.

Member Parties/Events

May 20, 2020 Update: Unfortunately, we are not allowing EVENTS at BTC for the time being. We hope this will change at some point this summer.

Members may rent the club for birthday parties, graduation parties, office parties, or other events. The base fee includes all guest fees and use of the grill. Staffing fees are required to cover the cost for lifeguards and clean up. Also note that while BTC will provide a designated area for the event, we never close the club to members. To schedule a member party/event, please complete the BTC Event Application Form. MEMBERS MUST BE LOGED IN TO ACCESS THIS FORM!

 All events must be approved. 


Unfortunately, BTC does not allow pets at the club. If you have a service animal, please inform the board or club manager.

Lifetime Memberships

Members in good standing for 25 years and age 65 year or older may request to become lifetime members of BTC by paying a one-time fee of three times the normal membership rate. The request will be decided upon by the BTC board and club manager.

Refund Policy

Except in extenuating circumstances, BTC does not issue refunds.

Tennis Viewing Porch

The tennis porch offers an unparalleled view of courts 1 and 2 with Camel’s Hump in the background. It is furnished with thirteen wooden rockers and three dining tables. When the club is busy, please limit use of the tables and rockers to two hours so other members can enjoy this area as well. The grass lawn in front of the porch is not a play area. Please use the pool-side patio and grass area for picnics and play. Please keep this area neat and tidy. Keep noises at an appropriate level and respect members who are playing.