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    2018 Swim Team Photo_Cropped





    Weeks of July 22 & 29, Regular Practice Schedule

    Week of July 22 - Potential CVSL Championship Get Hype Card/Poster Making Session(s)

    • We might have a card/poster making session or two after practice - we will keep you posted.


    July 30, 5:30pm, @ BTC, 2019 BTC Swim Team Banquet

    • Details coming soon.




    July 26 & 27, Middlebury, VT


    CVSL Championship Meet Program - Ad Due July 22!

    • Interested in advertising your business or sending a note to your swimmer in this year’s 2019 CVSL Championship Meet Program? 
    •  Please email with any questions - Winooski is handling the program & we/BTC will not be able to provide any assistance.


    Swimmer Participation

    • It is unlikely we can make changes, but please contact Coach Marisa if you would like to discuss your participation. 


    Meet Info
    • July 26 - 27, 2019
    • 2019 CVSL Championship Meet - Summary Info
    • 2019 CVSL Championship Meet - Event Order
      • Session 1: Friday evening, 3pm - 8pm, Individual Medleys, plus 100 & 200 yard events.
      • Session 2: Saturday,  7am - 12noon, 10 & under.
      • Session 3: Saturday, 12noon - 5pm, 11 & over.
    • 296 Buttolph Drive, Middlebury, VT
    • Swimmer must participate in 2 CVSL Dual Meets prior to event.
    • NO qualifying times!
    • Swimmer must wear a BTC cap!
    • We will not be selling goggles at our BTC tent - please be sure you have a backup pair.
    • When we get our assignments next week - please do not sign up yet! - we will need BTC volunteers for all sessions!
    • No buddy bags this year - swimmers will make get hype posters the week of the event.




    August 3-4, White River Junction, VT

    Key Info

    • August 3 & 4, 2019
    • White River Junction, VT
    • Upper Valley Aquatic Center
    • Swimmer must participate in 3 CVSL meets prior to event, can include CVSL Championship.
    • Swimmer must achieve qualifying times based on gender and age as of August 3, 2019.
    • Swimmer must wear a BTC cap!
    • When we get our assignments on approximately July 30 - please do not signup yet - we will need BTC volunteers for all sessions!




    4:45pm for Home Meets
    5:00pm for Away Meets
    Please consider 'rush hour' traffic during your planning ...

    After the meets, go to Al’s Frys! It’s a CVSL tradition for families to go to Al’s after meets ... younger swimmers can grab an ice cream at the outside window so they don’t stay up too late. 


    6.25 ST. Albans
    6.25.19 BTC vs St. Albans_Results (W)
    6.27.19 BTC vs BCC_Entries 6.27.19 BTC vs BCC_Results (W)
    7.2.19 BTC vs. Vergennes_Entries 7.2.19 BTC vs. Vergennes_Results (W)
    7.9.19 BTC vs. Middlebury_Entries 7.9.19 BTC vs. Middlebury_Results (W)
    7.11 Edge
    Food Shelf Night!
    7.11.19 BTC vs. Edge_Entries 7.11.19 BTC vs. Edge_Results (L)
    Apologies, the system glitch remains unresolved
    & 11-12 girls medley relay results are missing.
    7.16 Town of Essex (TEST)
    - TEST home team
    - Meet at BTC

    7.16.19 BTC vs. TEST_Entries  7.16.19 BTC vs. TEST_Results (L)
    Apologies, the system glitch remains
    & some results might be missing.
    7.18 Winooski
    Dual + Distance Meet
    7.18.19 BTC vs. WIN_Entries

    7.18.19 BTC & WIN Distance Meet Entries
    7.18.19 BTC vs. WIN_Results
    Apologies, the system glitch persists.

    2019 Distance Meet_Results

    CVSL Championship

    Middlebury, VT

    2019 CVSL Championship Meet - Event Order
    2019 CVSL Championship Meet - Summary Info
    2019 CVSL Championship Meet - Full Info
    2019 BTC Away Meets - Driving Directions

    VSA Championship
    Upper Valley Aquatic Center
    White River Junction, VT
    VSA 19 Events Order
    VSA 2019 Time Standards
    VSA 19 Meet Invite
    White River Junction Hotels
    2019 BTC Away Meets - Driving Directions


     Meet Entries 101 aka why coaches MUST know who is attending a meet 48 hours before the meet!
    Marisa Mulligan Cardin email Coach Marisa if making a change more than 48 hours before a meet!

    610.952.8060 text or call Coach Marisa if making a change fewer than 48 hours before a meet!




    • T-SHIRTS
      • We are considering contracting with a vendor for BTC long, hooded, fleece lined jackets, but we need a minimum order of 12 ... 
      • Youth jackets are priced at $64.85, which includes the swimmer's name embroidered on the lapel.
      • If you have interest in a jacket, please connect with Kelly

    • BTC CAPS
      • BTC Caps are required for the end of season championships!
      • Caps will be for sale during Home Meets + Friday FUNdays.
      • Caps can also be purchased during BTC Office Hours.



    Swimmers in the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups are required to attend a minimum of 3 meets per season.


    Ideally, swimmers will compete in as many meets as possible, including the CVSL League and VSA State Meets.

    BTC Team Swimsuits are not required, but help promote team unity! Most families get one BTC Team Swimsuit & wash it out between the Tues. & Thurs. meets.  Swimmers can wear any competitive swimsuits to practices. Silicone BTC Swim Caps are available for $12.

    If you are new to summer swim and decide to go all-in, yes you will spend lots of time at meets, family events, and practice drop-offs/pickups, etc., but it's 8 weeks of incredible fun for the swimmers and the families!

    Regular Season Meets, June 20th - July 23rd

    • Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • 4:45pm: Arrival for Home Meets
    • 5:00pm: Arrival for Away Meets
    • 6:00pm: Start Time
    • 8:00pm: Approximate End Time


    2019 Champlain Valley Swim League Championship Meet
    July 26-27, Middlebury, VT


    2019 Vermont Swim Association Championship Meet 
    August 3-4, White River Juction, VT

    • Swimmer MUST have participated in 3 meets (can include CVSL Championship)!
    • VSA 19 Events Order
      • Saturday, August 3, session time based on age group.
      • Sunday, August 4, session time based on age group.
    • Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC), White River Junction, VT
    • White River Junction Hotels - TripAdvisor - White River Junction, or use your favorite hotel booking app
    • In prior years, there has been a shuttle between UVAC and nearby hotels + 340 N. Hartford Rd, White River Junction, VT
    • VSA 19 Meet Invite/Full Meet Info 

    Meet Entries
    Please help the coaches, your swimmer(s), and the entire BTC Swim Team family by carefully reading the following information about how the swim meet entries work and the essential role the swim team families play in preparing for the meets.

    Meet Entries 101

    This is what coaches have for the 2019 Projected Meet Attendance based on the swimmer info forms 2019 Projected Meet Attendance 

    If summer plans have changed and your swimmer is either able or unable to participate in a swim meet vs. what is listed on this chart, please let Coach Marisa know ASAP.

    The coaches REALLY need your cooperation with proactive communication about any changes in meet attendance - thank you!




      We have 87 BTC Swim Team families - we should have no problem filling all of the jobs required to run successful swim meets!

      It's our goal to have ALL of the volunteer & Home Meet Snack Bar slots for all of the remaining meets filled by July 8!

      iVolunteer Sign Up - Meets

      2019 BTC Swim Team Volunteering

       families are required to work volunteer assignments!

        • It takes over 70 people to run a successful home swim meet!
        • Each family will select a volunteer task or be assigned a job at each meet, home & away!
        • For home meets, each family is expected to contribute to the Home Meet Snack Bar - our ONLY fundraising for the special events & activities!


      Typical volunteer assignments

        • Timing (use stopwatch to record times)
        • Home Meet Snack Bar (team fundraiser)
        • 50-50 Raffle (home meets only, sell lots of raffle tickets!)
        • Bull Pen (organize swimmers by event, heat, and lane)
        • Heat Winner Ribbons (hand out ribbons to each heat winner)
        • Runner (bring info to timers, then to scorers)
        • Scorer (work with others to tally the scores for each event/total for meet)
        • 2019 BTC Swim Team Volunteering
        • iVolunteer Sign Up - Meets


      Stroke & Turn Officials are needed! Please consider this volunteer role!  

        • We are in need of additional stroke & turn officials.
        • Each team is required to have officials on deck for meets. 
        • Competitive swimming experience is NOT required.
        • A reminder to our current summer officials – you must re-certify every 2 years.


      The BTC Swim Team Committee  

        • This is a volunteer board - please let us know if you are interested in working “behind the scenes” to help us all have a great summer!
        • New families welcome - it's a great way to meet everyone, and we could really use the extra help!

        Please use the iVolunteer system to select a volunteer role!
        iVolunteer Sign Up

        Questions about volunteering? Please contact us at




      The Swim Team runs on Home Meet Snack Bars!

      2019 Home Meet Snack Bar 101 




      2018 Swim Team Photos




        Below, you will find typical practice group guidelines. During the first week of practice, coaches will evaluate swimmers and recommend the appropriate practice for the optimal swim team experience for your swimmer.

          Group Typical
          Junior Team 4-8years
          • Confident in the water
          • Can swim ½ length of the pool unassisted
          • Has a desire to be on a competitive team
          Beginners 5-10years
          • 1 lap of freestyle
          • 1 lap of backstroke
          Intermediate 9-13years
          • 2 laps each of freestyle + backstroke
          • 1 lap each of breaststroke + butterfly
          Advanced 11-18years
          • 2 laps of each stroke
          • Ability to handle the practices


        Ready for Team?
        We can help you figure out the right place for your children, be it on the swim team, or in lessons ...
         we encourage you to discuss your questions with the coaches -

        2019 Practice Groups & Schedule



          We understand that summer swim team isn't the only thing on family calendars so we want to work with you to find a schedule that best allows your swimmer(s) to feel part of the team while still being able to participate in other interests.  It's OK to miss a week or two of swim to go to summer camp .   

          For practice, swimmers can wear any competitive swimsuit & cap; the BTC Team Swimsuit & Cap are for the meets. 


          June 10th - 13th, 4:00-5:30pm

          • ALL SWIMMERS!
          • These practices are designed to allow swimmers to meet the coaching staff, coaches to evaluate swimming strokes, have the team work together, and get to know one another. 
          • Swimmers should come to practice dressed for non-pool exercises (dryland) and be prepared to swim.


          June 17th - August 2nd

          Monday – Thursday AM

          • 8:00-9:30am Advanced
          • 9:30-10:30am Intermediate
          • 9:30-10:15am Beginner
          • 10:30-11:00am Junior

          Monday and Wednesday PM

          • 5:00-6:30pm Advanced/Intermediate/Beginner
          • ONLY for swimmers unable to attend morning session due to camp, job, etc.


          • 9:00-10:00am Advanced
          • 10:00-11:30am Entire Competitive Team

          Practice Cancellation Policy

          • Thunderstorms & /or lightning? No practice.
          • If it is raining, please bring exercise + casual clothes - we will focus on non-pool activities & exercises.
          • If something unexpected happens, we will do our  best to provide an update on the status of practice in a timely manner.

          2019 Practice Groups & Schedule



          2019 SWIM TEAM FEES

          Thank you for the interest in our team - we are at capacity for the 2019 season! Fees listed for future reference only :-)




          BTC MEMBERS
          Swimmer is a BTC Member:
          Summer Swim
          $215 1st Swimmer in family
          $195 2nd Swimmer in family
          $160 3rd Swimmer in family
          $130 4th Swimmer in family
          Swimmer is a BTC Member:
          Long Course*
          $130 Fee per Swimmer



          Non-Member 13+year old $300 By permission only
          Non-Member 6-12 year old $340 By permission only
          Long Course Non-Member* $150 By permission only

          Fee includes a 2019 Team T-shirt! 

          During the lead up to the start of the season, we welcome non-BTC members on the Swim Team!  If you will not be joining us as a BTC member this summer, please email us at to connect with our coaches.

          * Long Course: this is for swimmers who train year-round/practice with their USA Swimming Club in the summer and join BTC for the Meets and some Friday Fun Practices & Brunches.

          SWIM TEAM INFO

          WHAT IS SWIM TEAM?


          • 8 Weeks of action-packed fun for the whole family, early June to early August!
          • Swim Meets against teams in our Champlain Valley Swim League (CVSL)


          WHY SWIM TEAM?

          • FUN!
          • Learn a lifelong sport!
          • Learn valuable life lessons!


          WHY BTC SWIM TEAM?

          • Heated pool … No shivering, cranky swimmers!
          • Camaraderie & support across all ages (6-18) & skill levels!
          • Fun for the adults also … it's a very inclusive atmosphere!

          “The coaches, volunteers, and older swimmers foster a close-knit team that creates a sense of belonging. I love that our team takes the time to infuse fun activities like brunch, weekly awards, Friday fun practice with mixed age groups, and special events like movie night.” 

          The BTC Swim Team provides a competitive swimming team experience in a fun and positive social atmosphere. The team serves swimmers of all abilities ranging from beginner to advanced. 

          Our team is led by Head coach Marisa Cardin and Assistant coach Tom Buzzell. Our coaches are committed to providing exceptional instruction while promoting good sportsmanship and self-confidence.

          Although participating on swim team will improve a child’s ability to swim, the BTC swim program is not designed for children who are looking for swimming lessons; please see the information below on the typical practice groups. 



        Team Swimsuit

        2019 BTC Swimsuits


         Please email to inquire about BTC Team Swimsuits!

        Info below for reference only!




        If you were not able to attend a try on session, please measure & size your swimmer using:

        2019 Female Swimsuit Sizing

        2019 Male Swimsuit Sizing

        Please contact Kristen for help with special situations  or (802) 598-0686

        * BTC Team Swimsuits are not required, but help promote team unity! Most families get one BTC Team Swimsuit & wash it out between the Tues. & Thurs. meets.  Swimmers can wear any competitive swimsuits to practices. 

        Silicone BTC Swim Caps available for $12.